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2018-01-15 Masterful new website is launched
2018-01-15 Friends of the Earth (HK) new website is launched
2017-11-17 FreeComm is honoured to be a sponsor for the Innovation And Breakthrough Forum 2017
2017-10-11 Kee Wah Studio - Online Registration is now open
2017-09-13 Innovation and Breakthrough Forum 2017 is ready for registration!
2017-08-31 Website of "Elder Care Angels" is launched
2017-06-01 Kids' Gallery new website is launched
2017-05-26 Robocon 2017 ‒ Hong Kong Contest is launched
2017-05-22 Our team showcased our Defect Monitoring and Site Safety Inspection Systems at the BIM Contract International Conference in HKSTP
2017-03-31 Tree Planting Challenge website is launched
2017-03-15 Caring Company Expo 2017 - 10 years+ Caring Company Award
2017-02-16 Pass-it-On 2016 Award Presentation Ceremony
2017-01-17 恭賀新禧 - KHFC
2016-12-10 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
2016-11-13 Our staff and families attended 祖父母日 award ceremony
2016-11-13 We are again proud to be a supporting partner for Red Cross 2016 Fund Raising Campaign.
2016-09-28 News Features have been added to our Smart NECs (Elderly Centre System)
2016-05-03 Newsletter - Spring 2016
2016-04-20 Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2016 – Designer Award
2016-04-20 Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2016 – Triple Gold Award (Website Stream)